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| Background | With a fascination for movement I decided to study at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. The first years of Theatre and Education I got a basic in Physical Acting with methods from Jacques Lecoq and Body Weather Laboratory. Meanwhile I trained with conceptual mimetroup Bodydismorphic. To intensify my physical research in mime and masks I did an internship in the VS. There I worked with Felix Ivanov, Boyd Branch and learned at the SFMT. After graduation she worked as a theatre-director for ‘Spotlicht’ at Stut Theatre and made community production ‘’ Als de dood voor de nachten”’ with ex-homeless actors and social workers. The production toured around detention, community centers and theatres in the Netherlands. During this period I searched for a way to enlarge the space awareness of beginning performers. This resulted in a manual for directors and teachers. With this question in mind I followed an intensive training in Action Theatre from Sten Rudstrom in Berlin. Traveling further to Asia I got in contact with Yoga and Muay Thai. Attracted to the large dance/performance field of Berin I decided to train at the Postschool Kosmos in Movement. Een physical dance training with Lisa Densem, Minako Seki , Elias Cohen , Se-rok Park e.o. There I met other artists with whom I wanted to collaborate. This resulted in Performance collective ‚ 77stolen Fish. With them I perform at performance festivals in Germany and Italy.

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